Corners allows the students to practice recognition and comprehension of a category of vocabulary (such as food, animals, feelings, etc.) as well as get up and run about the room for a bit.

Time: Each round may take between 2-3 minutes. (10-15 sec. run about time, *”how are you” to each corner, Get students to ask you, flip and reveal, reset and play again if necessary.)

Material needed:

Flashcards of vocabulary


A room with corners

What happens:

Each corner of the classroom will have or represent a vocabulary word. The teacher selects one of these vocabulary words, conceals it and posts it up on the board or face down on the desk. The students get 15 or so seconds to run about and eventually choose a corner they think is the hidden selection.

For example:

Option #1

The Teacher goes to each corner to have them practice their corner’s respective word in the taught phrase. Then the students use the phrase the teacher previously used to get teacher to reveal the concealed vocabulary. Students get to see who matches the selection.

ex. (To the “Happy” corner)

Teacher: How are you?

Students: I’m Happy! … (as the teacher, something like gesturing towards the students then sweeping in towards yourself once or twice then whispering the question ” how are you” may be necessary to elicit them to ask the question.) … How are you?

Teacher: I’m (flip and reveal the hidden selection)

Option #2

After students have selected their corners, teacher reveals selection. Matching corner must practice the vocabulary in the respective phrasing.


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